WIWU OnePack Bag

AED 353.00

  • Ergonomically vented airflow: Keep user cool and comfortable with a built- in ventilation system
  • Water Resistance: Water protection, valuables remain dry even in bad weather
  • USB & stereo: Integrated USB & headphones port makes it easy to listen to music and charge devices without removing them.
  • Reflective bar: Noctilucent strap shows in the dark to help
  • Luggage strap: A luggage strap on the back, putting the backpack on the trolley during travel
  • Available in black and gray color
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Product Description

  • OnePack is a backpack built for modern life.
  • It’s compact, lightweight and designed with specialized compartments for school, business or travel.
  • Its contemporary styling is cool as well as functional, with integrated USB and headphone ports to connect and protect  essential mobile devices.
  • The OnePack is made for active, connected lifestyles and is the perfect all-in-one backpack for daily use.
  • In the lower space, there are pockets to hold laptop and tablet securely and safely.
  • It’s snug and padded and adds protection in case of bumps and drops.
  • The upper space can be opened up 180 degrees, making it easy to organize clothing and other essentials that need easy access
  • Unlike typical backpacks, all items won’t get lost or disorganized by throwing them into a single compartment.
  • OnePack has 19 specialized compartments to perfectly store everything need with fast, easy access whenever need them.
  • The secure strap lock gives convenient security and peace of mind when in public places such as cafes or airports.

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